Increase in Corporate Illness Due to Lifestyle Diseases

ASSOCHAM report based on the survey of 500 corporate employees from 300 various companies/organizations across 18 broad sectors of the economy revealed that nearly 75% of the respondents suffered chronic/lifestyle or acute disease. Out of the 65% ill corporate employees, 32% were afflicted to lifestyle disease, followed by 21% suffering from chronic disease and remaining 12% have an acute ailment.

India is already Diabetic capital of world and about to lead in heart diseases, a little has been done to cope with the growing problem of degrading health.

Why Corporate Yoga?

Stress and strain of odd working hours along with sedentary life style takes it toll on health. Many of the life style diseases progress silently without alarming one of the imminent risks. Lifestyle related health problems like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart conditions, High Cholesterol, Backache, Cervical, Cancers, Osteoporosis, Thyroid related problems, High Blood Pressure, Kidney problems may have life threatening consequences. Various factors like sitting posture, multi tasking, long working hours on computer, talking on phone while typing, irregular eating habits, rigorous travel, night shifts/ odd working hours etc. brings lot of health hazards.

How Yoga Helps

Unlike other exercise routines Yoga is low impact, improves strength and flexibility, builds concentration, and reduces mental and physical stress and tension. In addition, yoga is known to eradicate fatigue and generate energy, all of which lead to increased productivity and morale – perfect for the corporate environment.

Benefits to the participants

The participants will get a good idea about what is Yoga and live demonstration cum practice of traditional and chair yoga. The participants can incorporate these asanas in their day to day working as well and this in turn would turn them into healthy and happy individuals.

Clothing : Any Comfortable clothing

Duration : 4hrs


What is Yoga?

Brief history and development of Yoga The Fundamentals of Yoga Traditional Schools of Yoga

Yogic practices for health and wellness

General Guidelines for Yoga Practice Food for thought

How Yoga can help?
Prayer & 11 times Om
Cālana Kriyās/Loosening Practices

Triyak Tadasana
Kati Chakrasana
Neck Bending
Shoulder’s movement
Trunk Movement
Knee Movement


Standing Asanas

Surya Namaskar
Ardha Cakrāsana

Sitting Postures

Ardha Uṣṭrāsana ( for begginners) Uṣṭrāsana
Uttāna Maṇḍūkāsana
Marīchyāsana / Vakrāsana

Prone Postures


Supine Postures


Nadi Shodhana
Anulom Vilom
Prayer and 3 times OM