The industry standard for developing exceptional sales skills, and i-MIND’s most popular sales training program, The Art of Selling (TAOS) is designed to dramatically improve the planning, communication, and selling skills necessary to boost closing rates and strengthen current business relationships. TAOS sales training is a customized and strategic approach to help meet your organization’s specific challenges, opportunities, and competitive reality.

TAOS consists of seven modules delivered in a dynamic workshop setting. The keys to i-MIND’s selling strategy are techniques that help you see business from your customers’ point-of-view in order to more efficiently identify their needs and value priorities. The result produces on-target solutions and a customer understanding that moves prospects to lifetime customers more quickly and with much greater frequency.

This highly interactive program features a variety of learning strategies, including high-impact lectures, group exercises and discussions, recorded role-plays, structured competitions, and other hands-on events that make for a productive and memorable experience.

Program Coverage
See your product from your customer’s point of view
Increases your sales planning effectiveness
Provides real world training experience through dynamic and interactive group exercises
Meet your specific sales training needs and goals with customizable instruction
Increase closed sales by strengthening relationships.

You would see a significant improvement in sales as all your employees would be speaking in the same winner language and you would also see a significant retention and gradual creation of new clients.

Who should attend?
Sales force, Consultants, Program Managers, Function Heads, Delivery leads, Middle and Senior management leaders, Startups

Program Methodology
This is a skill based program with lots of in-class practice, role plays, and simulation.

Program Duration
2 days
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