Team building training is an essential element of productivity and excellence as teamwork is a skill that needs periodic reinforcement. You may have existing teams that need focus and energy, or you may be putting new teams together. Across all levels of organization maturity, teamwork is a must.

Program Coverage
i-MIND offers a wide variety of team building programs that can be fully customized to your particular need. They include:
– The 4 stages of team building
– The keys ingredients of team building – common goal, communication, trust, accountability and excellence
– Different roles in a team
– Performance coaching for team excellence
– Motivation and Fun in Team
– Leadership skills for Team building
– Collaboration and Conflict Management in a Team

A highly energised and goal oriented team improves productivity, enhances employee engagement, reduces churn and creates happy customers.

Who should attend?
All employees who have to work in a team or lead a team.

Program Methodology
Our Team Building and Leading Team programs are delivered through a mix of popular theories, high powered videos from best organisations around the world and applicable assessments. These programs incorporate high energy games so that the participants learn valuable lessons in a fun way! All team building trainings are available in outbound, adventure activity and in-class formats.

Program Duration
1 day

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