This program addresses the following core competencies
Planning and organizing, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Drive for results.

This program is intended for a diverse audience who intend to learn the key principles of Personal Development and discover how to seamlessly integrate these skills into a variety of applications such as personal development, team building, influence, and communication

Program Contents :
1.0 Mission, Vision and Values
1.1 What is a mission statement?
1.2 What is a Vision Statement?
1.3 What are Values?

2.1 Communication
2.1 What is communication?
2.2 Public Speaking Facts.
2.3 Guidelines for Speech Preparation.
2.4 Ten ways to attract favorable attention.
2.5 Three Don’t s.
2.6 Three steps for closing.
2.7 Ten ways of winning your audience.
2.8 Three Don’t s.

3.0 Business Professionalism
3.1 Professional Etiquette
3.2 Guidelines for the new person on the Team
3.3 The Art of Introductions
3.4 Professional Meetings
3.5 Writing a Thank you Note

4.0 Organize your work
4.1 Focus on Top Priorities.
4.2 Eliminating the unimportant
4.3 Elements of an effective planning system
4.4 Planning weekly and Daily.

5.0 Marketing
5.1 Unique Selling Proposition
5.2 The 4Ps of Marketing
5.3 Effective Networking

6.0 Sales
6.1 Success in Sales
6.2 Cold Calling
6.3 Developing a Script
6.4 Handling Objections
6.5 Closing the Sale
6.6 Summary of the Program