The importance of Restraint

The Vishnu Puran tells the story of how Renuka, wife of sage Jamadagni is sexually attracted to the Handsome King Kartaviryarjuna. However Kartaviryarjuna is fascinated by the magical cow Nandini that belongs to Jamadagni.

Rules state that both the wife and cow belong to the sage and everyone should respect the laws of marriage and property.

Yet both Renuka and Kartaviryarjuna are unable to control their desires, Renuka continues to dream of the handsome king Kartaviryarjuna and Kartaviryarjuna uses his military power to get Nandini by force despite Jamadagni’s protest. Finally Jamadagni orders his son to pick up his axe and behead his mother and kill the greedy king.

Through rules and values unacceptable behaviour and desires are curtailed. However if this desire is not curtailed then the axe falls down.

In the modern corporate world if anybody is found doing any unethical work or cheating the axe falles down, it means that it can lead to termination of employment or deny sustenace to such a person.

Thus the laws of the society and corporate world should always be respected.

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