Understanding Power in Corporate World

The sage Vishwamitra once stormed into the kingdom of Ayodhya and demands that prince Ram accompany him to the forest to defend the sages from Rakshasas. King Dashrath offers his amry instead as he feels that Ram is too young to fight the Rakshasas. However Vishwamitra insists for Rama and reluctantly King Dashrath agrees to send Rama. Rama while trying to fight against the Rakshasas comes across the female leader of Rakshasas, so Ram disagrees to fight against her. Vishwamitra says that evil has no sex and thus you have to kill her, so Rama finally kills the female leader of Rakshasas.
Later in the forest Vishwamitra shows to Rama a stone and asks him to lay his leg on the stone. On enquiry Rama finds that the stone is actually a lady called Ahilya who was cursed when she was found to have an intimate embrace with Indra. Rama refused to lay his leg on an adulteress as he said that the rules of marriage have to be respected. Vishwamitra explains to Rama that forgiveness is as much a part of marriage as fidelity. Rama then places his leg on Ahilya and releases her from the curse.
Vishwamitra in this scenario was acting as a mentor to prince Rama and the mentor sometimes expects hard decisions and sometimes soft decisions all this he does so that the mentee (rama) becomes more equipped to handle the kingdom better.

In the Corporate world as well you might be forced to use strong words or even fire a reportee as advised by your manager and sometimes the manager might ask you to coach a less skilled employee. All this the manager does to mentor you and better equip you to handle decisions in the future and take care of the business.

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