Importance of Hindsight in Management

First let us understand what is Hindsight?

Definition : Understanding of a situation or an event only after it has happened.

Let me further illustrate with an example from the Vedas.

Garud (eagle) was watching a sparrow singing on top of Mount Kailas. At the same time Garud also notices that Yama the god of death was also looking at the sparrow and he was frowning. Garud fearing that Yama had come to take the sparrow, flies towards the sparrow and gently lifts it. He takes the sparrow beyond seven mountains to a tree full of succulent fruits and then Garud feeling satisfied returns home. On returning home he sees Yama smiling and asks him the reason. Yama says now my accounting is balanced. He continues stating that the sparrow was destined to die today on a tree far beyond seven mountains full of succulent fruits and was to be killed by a snake who lived below the tree. He was frowning earlier because he was wondering how the sparrow would fly beyond seven mountains and find that tree.

Garud in his hindsight now realizes what wrong he had done.

In the same way in the corporate world too there is lot of money time and resources spent on strategizing and forecasting the future events. However a true leader is the one who utilizes his energy, resources and experience in successfully bringing results and does not rely on hindsight.

Thus hiring experienced professionals who can take quick and rightful decisions is the right way which recruiters should keep in mind while selecting people.

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