Two ways to achieve Minimalism

“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer  distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.” – Linda Breen Pierce (1947)

I remember this very vividly, that one fine day in the summer of 2012, I opened my wardrobe. It was a total mess and I was really upset as I could not get the things which I needed. I was sure that it had everything but I could not locate the items. This lead to the birth of a minimalist within me. I started researching on the internet as to how to organize a closet and started reading articles on minimalism. I emptied my entire closet and organized everything with only those things which I needed. By the end of this activity I had two bags full of discarded items.

At that moment, I suddenly had a realization: Everything I owned had not brought meaning, purpose, fulfillment, or lasting joy into my life. In fact, not only were my possessions not bringing me joy, they were actually distracting me from it. I immediately began pursuing a more minimalist lifestyle by removing the unnecessary possessions from my home and my life.

Our lives are typical: work hard, make money, spend it on mortgage payments, fashionable clothes, nicer cars, cooler technology, and more toys for the kids. In the pursuit of happiness we go on stacking ourselves with unnecessary things. So i decided lets adopt the minimalist lifestyle. After changing to that style I have somewhat succeeded in finding happiness. I thus wish to share with you ways through which you can adapt yourselves to minimalism.

1. Desire Less : Our society idoilizes consumerism, ie. all the TV ads, media etc. continuously highlight and stimulate us to purchase new stuff. Thus most of us have become hoarders and we go on stacking ourselves with every new gadget or consumer item. The trick lies in ignoring the consumer ads and desiring less.

2. Addition not subtraction : The potential of minimalism lies in the addition, not the subtraction. Minimalism is not the goal. Minimalism is, after all, less about the things you remove and more about the things you add. The potential of minimalism lies in what you choose to pursue with your life in place of material possessions. Choose contentment. Pursue gratitude and generosity. Invest in relationships, grow spiritually, discover truth, and find purpose. Your life is far too valuable to waste chasing possessions. And you’ll discover this life-giving truth as soon as you stop.

This is a far better way to live than most people realize. It is available to anyone who hears the message of living with less and chooses to accept it with their whole lives. May the invitation to minimalism continue to change lives. And ultimately, the world. This is my hope.

Thank you so much for reading about minimalism. There are still exciting days ahead.

Stay amazed.

Sam Parulekar

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